Welcome to Insatiable Demand

Let's take you on a  journey to my bdsm world where refusal is not an option. Experience being mind fucked, feeling powerless and absolutely useless. Where you will encounter being dragged, bruised, threatened and disciplined for not meeting my high expectations. 

Every dollar you earn is paying my bills, my spending habits, my trips and being shared with my friends. You have no rights, nor input as everything you plan to do needs to be brought to me for approval. You'll have long trip on your voyage to ecstasy.




Playful Femdom, Financial Femdom,

Cuckold Femdom, ROLEPLAY



Chastity Femdom



BDSM Femdom,

Humiliation Femdom

Please pay by Zelle insatiabledemand@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are booked for 8 hours, which can include indoor and outdoor activities. You are not obligated to stay 8 hours, but it gives you wiggle room to handle other business while in Houston. The duration can vary depending on individual needs and subjected to additional fees or tips. The session begins at the time scheduled regardless if you arrive late.  

Do you accept Cash?

Cash is only accepted as tips. All bookings are prepaid using zelle. 

What can I expect in my first session?

Your first session is to cover rules and more of getting to know and understand each other while observing tolerance. 

Where will the sessions take place?

All sessions take place at a best rated Hotel. Room number is provided, in the morning the day of the session. All planned events, (example dining, shopping) must occur within the 8 hours booked. 

How long is the Initial Meeting and where will we meet?

Initial meetings are held at a public establishment such as mall, restaurant, etc,,, and is booked for 3 hours. But its at $150/per hour. If you choose to cut the date short you would only pay for the hours used. $150 is collected up front by zelle to secure the date and time. The additional will fee for time will be collected on site to continue the conversation. 

When can I review the contract?

The contract is only viewable at or after the initial meet up when I the owner would like to offer you the opportunity to be my slave. 

Contact us

Please use this box for any questions. There is a $10 fee per question. Please zelle payment to insatiabledemand@gmail.com in order to receive a response.


Insatiable Demand
Houston, TX, USA

About ME

Insatiable Demand is what a previous client called his experience.  I'm a tall vixen, I'm characteristically coquettish, I get the charm of every man. I'm the operator, slave maker and the heart breaker.